We Won an Arty!

art18070wideaThe Artys are given by the City Weekly to the Best In Utah Theater, Art, Comedy, Fashion & More.

We were named “Best LDS Comic of 2013”

Chris Hoffman’s Salt City Strangers
Because there should be a superhero for every kid to relate to, local artist Chris Hoffman launched Salt City Strangers, a crime-stopping, Utah-based, all-LDS superhero group. Born and raised in Utah, Hoffman is not a Mormon himself, so he summoned help from many of his LDS friends to come up with classic characters like Deputy Deseret (who carries Porter Rockwell’s pistols) and Son of Bigfoot (an LDS yeti who was discovered in Provo Canyon). Don’t worry, Salt City Strangers is neither anti- nor pro-LDS; it’s just a good old-fashioned superhero comic—about Mormons.

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