Creative Team

Chris Hoffman

Creator, Co-Writer, and Penciler


Chris Has always loved comic books and telling fun stories. Salt City Strangers came about because with the convergence of an old comic idea, his desire to draw Utah locations, and a fascination with local urban legends. A Utah native, Chris loves the state’s culture with all its quirks and strangeness.

Chris received his MBA from Westminster College in 2012 and is also working for his alma mater in the Division of New Learning.

Josh Butterfield



Josh is also a Utah native and though his path has sometimes taken him beyond the boarders of the beehive state, he keeps coming back.

He is a talented poet and writer. Suffice to say: He has a gift with words. When he’s not working on Chris’ silly comics, Josh designs high-end board games for the company he co-created: Touch Paper Press. Josh raises a small family of 3 dogs and 2 cats with his beautiful wife in their Utah home.

Jeremy Gates



Jeremy is the newest member of the Salt City Strangers creative team, living across the United States he now claims Utah as his home.

Jeremy is a published author, his book The Rise and Fall of Eric Hamilton made it to the 2007 Semi-Finals and The Serenity of Chaos took second place in the 2010 Readers Views Literary Book Awards. He is the author/co-author of 4 other books. He is also a talented artist whose “SteamPunk” art has been featured on online galleries and stores as well as multiple Steampunk Forums across the inter-webs.

Jeremy is the Co-Founder of the Paranormal Illumination Society…a local paranormal investigation team, who is out to find ‘The Truth”….He is also the owner of Salt City Home Designs, a local custom residential design firm.

When Jeremy is not writing-drawing-or creating he enjoys building outlandish contraptions such as his wind powered generator and solar furnaces (all made from recycled junk, glue, and chewing gum)…

Sam Rodriguez

Finishes and Inking


Hailing from Norwalk, California, Sam is a talented artist in many ways. His gritty and sharp inking brings an element of dangerous reality to the art of Salt City Strangers. His art has been compared to Ben Templesmith and Ashley Wood.

When Sam is waiting for Chris’ next big comic idea, he plays for the local punk band Discoid A.