Salt City Strangers Trade Paperback (Issues 1 – 5)




We’ve collected Salt City Strangers ALL NEW issue #1 with issues #2 through #5 all into one must-have, 120+ page, definitive volume!

In 1869, during the historic joining of the transcontinental railroad, a clandestine struggle took place. Supernatural forces from east and west conspired to take over the world. Until a group of ‘Strangers’ band together to thwart the confluence of evil. Since that day there has been a team of Salt City Strangers fighting at the fringes defending Salt Lakers from the sinister forces that would see its destruction.

Salt City Strangers is a two-time award-winning comic about Utah’s own Most Awesomest superheroes published by Hoffmangler Studios l.l.c.


So I hear you saying to yourself “Self, I already have all of the issues of the Strangers.”


We have an ALL-NEW issue #1. Featuring the superstar talents of award-winning screenwriter McCord Larsen and international superstar artist Alexandre Nascimento:







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