The story so far…


Since the dawn of time, monsters have harried the human race. Legends of the demon-like Ekimmu are found in some of the world’s oldest surviving texts.

As civilization spread throughout the world, they were followed by the creatures who fed on their fear. Medieval Europe became home to all manner of terrors such as the Vampire, Warewolf, Minotaur, Gorgon, Mermaids and Banshee. Eastern Asia’s litany of horrors included Water Ghosts (Shuǐ Guǐ), Skinwalkers (Yāo Guài), and Zombies (Jiāng Shī.)

As immigrants came to the new world, this plague of parasites shadowed their movements again. They added to the native menaces of the flesh-eating Windigo, the necromancer-like Skadegamutc, and the Choanito or Night People.

Try as they might, the legions of darkness were always repelled by warriors of the light. That is, until two greater demons made a pact with each other to gather the entirety of evil beings under their combined rule.

Their secret plan was facilitated by the construction of the intercontinental railroad. At key points along its route, talismans were incorporated into the design. The arcane markings served to channel the dark energy of each demon’s power base, ultimately converging near Promontory Pointe, Utah. The final spike would complete the ceremony and release an evil power so great, it would engulf the world.


The last-minute efforts of an unlikely group of heroes, who confronted the demons and their armies, foiled the plot and stopped the coming destruction. The champions managed to use their combined powers to summon a mighty storm, which destroyed one of the demons and banished the other to an alternate dimension. The Last Spike ceremony was completed two days later with a Golden Spike, which was entwined with part of the lead hero’s soul. This hero became the first Golden Spike who has handed down protection of the rite to a worthy person from generation to generation.

Membership of the group has changed and morphed, ever since it first began those many years ago. Today the team is a mostly symbolic shadow of its former self. Even so, the team of volunteers works tirelessly and with scarce resources to defend Salt Lakers against an evil most of the threatened don’t even believe in.

They are the Salt City Strangers!