Thor Commission for the Make-A-Wish-Foundation

This last month, we were able to work a great project that we want to share. The project was a bit of a secret because the final piece was used in the granting of a Make-A-Wish Foundation request.

First a little back story: 18-year-old high school student and aspiring actor Alex Waller of South Jordan, Utah, has cystic fibrosis. A condition which claimed the life of his older sister in October 2011. Check out a touching video of his story here:

Alex’s wish was to see the US movie premiere of Thor: The Dark World. After many weeks of arrangements, his wish was granted but the foundation wanted to find a unique way to let him know. Enter our goofy crew.

Kindly directed by Greg Gage at Blackcat Comics, Mandi Peterson contacted Salt City Strangers artist Chris Hoffman with a request: “Draw a picture of Alex with Thor that lets him know the wish was granted.” Chris jumped at the chance, and brought the SCS team on board as well. Jeremy Gates was able to print large versions of Chris’ digital renderings, Josh Butterfield wrote the words in rue Thor fashion, and his wife Corissa Butterfield colored the piece to finish it.

Presented here is the final version:


We’re all grateful to have been a small part of this project. The whole team hopes Alex and his family enjoy the artwork and that he has a great time at the premiere!

For Asgard! 🙂

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