Happy Golden Spike Days Celebration everyone! (145th Anniversary)



145 years ago today, history was made as the intercontinental railroad was completed near Promontory Point, Utah.

The even features prominently in the origin of the Salt City Strangers (Read The Story So Far…) and the real history is just a fascinating, funny, and weird:

Account of the events of the day: http://cprr.org/Museum/Bowman_Last_Spike_CHS.html

This is my favorite story: When the railroad was completed, standardized time zones didn’t exist. 10AM in Boston, MA may have been 10:20AM in Arlington, MA. In an attempt to have the entire country celebrate at the same moment, telegraph wires were attached to final iron spike. The top brass from the Central Pacific Railroad, president Leland Stanford, and the vice-president Dr. T. C. Durant, were both asked to take turns diving in the spike. Several accounts note the laughter from the crowd, as both corporate ‘fat cats’ struggled to hit the spike at all. Instead, a telegraph operator signaled the word “DONE” at the same time as the spike was driven in by a railroad worker.

Read about all four golden spikes here: http://cprr.org/Museum/Bowman_Last_Spike_CHS.html

Happy Golden Spike Days Celebration everyone!

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